Hot Dogs

A slim, succulent sausage meets a deliciously melting slice of Gouda cheese in a tasty finger roll. Who can resist a hot dog! And that’s only the start. We supply the basic package. The extras are up to you!

Hot Dog

The hot dog is a traditional warm snack consisting of a cooked sausage and other trimmings, wrapped in a soft wheat roll.

Our hot dogs come with a slice of delicious Gouda cheese. Feel free to add any further trimmings of your choice!

Hot dogs with a slice of Gouda cheese, wrapped in a soft roll
(2 x 110g) 220g

Hot Dog +

For hot dogs in double quick time: Our hot dog kit. Just heat up and serve.

Hot dog with Gouda cheese, ketchup, gherkin mayonnaise and fried onions, wrapped in a soft roll
(2 x 106g + 94g sauce & fried onions) 302g